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Annucreations Leather Travel Bag

Annucreations Leather Travel Bag Review

This Annucreations leather travel bag is made from goat leather, which is tanned without using the chemicals. The bags are handmade by artisan by using traditional methods.

The exterior of the bag is applied with organic oil to obtain the perfect color and make it water-repellant. The leather of the bag by its nature has a few marks, because of cutting, markings, and holes on the goat skin, which ensure that it is real and also makes each and every bag unique, improve the design and style to your bag.

In additional, every single bag comes with a unique shade; that may vary a little bit from the above image. A whole new bag might also have a distinctive leather smell. For me, I like this natural smell, but you might not like it. However, it will disappear within one month of regular use just like other high-quality leather bags.

Advantages & Disadvantages

I am a frequent traveler; I bought this duffle bag for my international trips. It has the ideal size to fit all the clothes for my two-week vacation, and I still can easily put in some additional items.

However, I should say when I received it, it wasn’t as good as I expected. Instead of a big box and stretch the bag out with newspaper, it cames in a small box which terrified me.

Before I opened the box to take out my bag and I thought that there is no chance it is a duffel bag with a size of 28″. I thought I had been scammed. Fortunately, it was quite hefty and good quality. I’m impressed that the seller can fold this big boy up in a small box.

Well, the smell rushed over me when I opened the box. To be honest, I already knew this will happen as I have read reviews of other users who complained about the unpleasant smell.

Keep in mind that the smell will fade away after a few weeks, it is normal if the leather bag is new. Actually, it is good news; the smell implies that it is a new bag, not those second-hand bags that sold as new one by some bogus sellers.

Luckily I live in Huston; I can hang the bag outdoors for several days, and the smell vanished completely instead of waiting over a month.