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BLUBOON Travel Duffel Bag Canvas Leather Overnight Bag

BLUBOON Canvas Leather Duffel Bag

  • Made of high-quality genuine leather and soft canvas
  • Dimensions of the bag: 21.2″ x 9.0″ x 16.5″; weight: 3.7 pounds
  • All of the hardware are made from top-quality material, you will feel very solid
  • The round handles design for easy and comfort to carry
  • It comes with a large durable shoulder strap that can be adjusted and detached easily
  • The shoulder strap design to relax your hands when you are carrying heavy stuff
  • Ideal bag size for your weekend vacations or a short business trip

Bluboon leather duffle bag come with a very sturdy and durable canvas material that won’t tear or rip even if you put many stuff inside of it. Therefore, the capacity is increased, meaning you can carry more clothes and accessories in your journey. Also, the zipper on the main compartment can be opened up widely, so that you can insert and remove clothes easily.

It comes with many colors, such as black, army green, coffee, and gray. I purchased the gray color, it is so elegant and has a better contrast with the color of the leather.

I didn’t know that there is a small-sized pocket hidden inside until I opened up the bag, it is an ideal place for putting your cell phone and wallet, and also you can access it easily. Besides, there is a medium-sized pocket for keeping your important documents such as passport, flight tickets, etc.

The bag works very well with my suit jacket during my business trip; it can also be used as a gym bag. One trick I should tell you is that I applied some beeswax to the bag, and now it is waterproof, need not to worry while carrying in a rainy day.