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Bric's Luggage Life Pelle 22 Inch Cargo Duffle

Bric’s Luggage Life Pelle Cargo Duffle Review

Bric’s Pelle Cargo Duffle is created from the highest quality vegetable tanned, full-grain Tuscan leather comes with cargo duffels, cabin-sized spinners, shoppers and wheeled pilot cases. This bag is available in espresso, natural cognac, and classic black color.

The quality of the bag shows that why products made from Italy is high quality and excellent. Since it ages with daily use, the leather will become softer and has a beautiful patina which can solely be seen in the highest quality leather bags.

  • Made from 100% grain vegetable tanned bovine leather
  • Secure pocket inside the bag
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Come with Luggage lock and tag
  • Manufactured in Italy

Quality of the Bag

The design on the Bric’s Luggage Life Pelle Cargo Duffle is something eye-catching and is also something which is persistent in all of Bric’s some other bags.

They can stand out from the many other leather duffle bag brands, simply because of their craftsmanship and design. Every single aspect of the leahter duffle is worth discussing.

It will always be the top quality full grain leather is used all over the entire duffle bag, and you even can smell the aroma as well.

As opposed to another duffle bag which uses synthetic leather mixed with small parts of real leather, which to the inexperienced person, you possibly will not aware of the difference until several months of use.

Keep in mind that the bag is rigid and stiff if still new. Therefore, it is going to take some time to soften up the leather.


If you need a leather bag for a lifetime, then this Bric’s Luggage Life Pelle Cargo Duffle is the best choice. As soon as you own it, you will begin to like it much more after every use. It is the best leather bag for travel fans and leather lovers.

Indeed, it comes with a high selling price. However, the price is justified by the highly accurate and attentive creation which has produced a top quality bag.

If you usually wear a formal wear to work, then this leather bag will most likely not be appropriate for you, simply because the natural style is way better suitable for casual wear.