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A gorgeous luxury leather bag isn’t just a basic product for those who is the frequent traveler, but it also can be a great investment which can be used for several years if taken good care.

This is the reason it’s very crucial that you ensure that your leather bag is treated well. Absolutely nothing is more painful than buying your much-loved leather bag to find you have it stained or drenched in the rain.

Leather bags are special; the top quality ones usually do not require so much attention and care. In this article we provide you with the most effective ways for taking care and cleaning your leather bag, things to avoid, plus some top secret hints and tips.

Always bear in mind: Please handle your leather bag with care and it will serve you for a lifetime.

how to clean leather bag

Advice Before Cleaning Leather Bags

Cleaning a leather bag is quite easy if you stick to my tricks and tips. One thing you have to keep in mind when cleaning your leather bag is that it all relies on the quality of the leather.

For instance, a product that works on vegetable tanned Leather probably won’t work on full-grain and the opposite way round. In this article, we make sure to provide you with a nonspecific guide on how to clean leather bag that will work on most of the type.

Just before cleaning a leather bag, try to seek the advice of the seller or manufacturer. You can get some professional suggestions like the best way to take care of your bag.

Do not forget leather bags that come with a guarantee can be serviced by the manufacturer. It is advisable to look for a minimum of 2-year guarantee when purchasing a leather bag, but the perfect if it has lifetime guarantees.

High-quality leather components should be relatively easy to take care of. If you find it is easily broken or has damaged in the first couple of weeks, this could be poor quality or even faux leather. For those who are planning to buy a new leather bag, it is recommended to do some research before you buy.

What to Clean Leather With?

In case you have several fingerprints on the leather bag, your should give the bag a polish with a clean cotton cloth, simply have a thoroughly clean over using only the cloth and the leather will look as nice as new.

If you have used your leather bag for some time and feel it requires a thoroughly clean, try saddle soap, it is always the best choice. Just remember to do it gently, leather needs to be treated nicely just like you treated well with your skin. Gently rub subsequently using another cloth because you shouldn’t leave any unwanted moisture on the leather bag.

It is recommended to use organic products to condition the leather, such as beeswax. It is an excellent water-resistant product for your leather bag, in case it gets caught in a drizzle, this will guarantee that it stays at its best.

How to Remove Stains From Leather Bag?

Unfortunately, it is hard to remove stains from leather products. It is best to keep your leather bag far away from makeup, food as well as some other oil-based items.

Although your bag can be repaired by some of the manufacturers, they may not be able to remove stains which are caused by your fault. Nevertheless, try to contact the manufacturer, get their advice or even their policy on repairing your leather bag.

For those who stain your leather bag, never spend money on expensive conditioners and cleaning products to get rid of it. Many of these cleaning products, especially those with chemicals, may make the bag more damage than good and cause the stain even harder to eliminate.

Stay away from any strong chemical cleaning products that consist of alcohol, in case the manufacturer suggest you a particular cleaner to wash the leather bag then it is best to use it.

Do the research regarding your leather bag, not every leather are the same, and what can get rid of stains for one would possibly not work or harm another.

Some advice for all type of leather bags, as mentioned above, all leather is unique. Nevertheless, a great idea is to mill normal blackboard chalk, spread the stained area and then leave for one day, then just rub out extra chalk. This process includes no strong chemicals. Therefore, it won’t cause any stain even worse on any leather bag.

Things to Avoid

When having a leather bag, it may often be difficult to understand what to make use of and what never to. There are particular things which you need to stay away from when cleaning and maintaining your much-loved leather bag. Below is the thing that you should stay away from. We have also covered some suggestions in case you make the mistake.

remember to keep your leather bag avoid from rain


Home cleaning products should never be used on your leather bag. These strong chemicals can damage most of the leathers.Therefore, we suggest talking to the manufacturer if you are going to use any chemical cleaning product on the bag.

Although it is recommended to use organic cleaning products, every leather differs in quality, and a few chemical cleaners might work on some leather. Always research before you do your homework, contact the manufacturer if you accidentally used the chemical product and the bag has stained.


Always keep the leather bag faraway from high temperature, never try to dry on a radiator or leave it at the area which is going to heat up. We understand that in some cases it is impossible to avoid, but you need to try and ensure that it stays away from sunlight, heat can cook the leather and make it stiffen. For those who have accidentally left it under sunlight and found that your bag is okay; you are very lucky.


Unfortunately, we can’t control this circumstance. Make sure you stay away from rain, a drizzling rain is fine to get on leather, but to be safe, it is suggested to avoid it. Again, it is sometimes unavoidable, so if your leather bag drenched in the rain, you need to get rid of the extra moisture and let it dry out naturally.

To make it faster, you can even stuff it with newspapers; it will absorb the water very quickly, keep in mind that never using the direct heat source to dry it out.


Leather has to breathe, so do not keep your leather bag in a plastic carrier, this helps the increase of mold which will damage your bag. Stop right away if you’ve been keeping the bag in the plastic carrier.

You will discover if mold begins to appear. In case you saw some mold on the leather, clean it by using water and mild soap.

What Else You Need to Know

High-quality leather does indeed take care of itself, it is a material which should serve you for a lifetime, and is much convenient to take care when compare to the other similar products. Additionally, light scrapes and scratches from the high-quality leather bag can be removed effortlessly with a bit of spit and polish.

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