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Crazy Horse Leather Travel Duffel Bag

Crazy Horse Leather Travel Duffle Bag Review

This Crazy Horse Leather Travel Duffle Bag is best for who work in high profile jobs and demands a gorgeous and professional bag. This bag is made in India and handcrafted from top quality buffalo leather; it is available in brown and dark brown color.

  • Dimensions: 20″ x 11″ x 7″
  • Made with 100% Genuine Buffalo Leather
  • Roomy compartment to carry many items.
  • Very easy to manage things with only one zippered pocket
  • Two big handles and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Use of top-quality cloth lining inside duffle bag

Quality of the Leather

There could be a strong leather smell while it is new. However, the smell will fade away after some time as it merely requires to be aired out and the color of the leather bag will be darker, but it will be brighter after a couple of months.

In additional, It is confirmed that the color will never rub off onto your clothes. Buffalo leather is a sturdy material which indicates that it is durable and good in thickness.

Even though leather is pretty thick, it isn’t stiff. It is relatively soft but not excessive that it’s going to collapse completely while the bag is empty.

The gentleness enables the bag to be very versatile that provides it more space to store your belongings. You can conveniently put enough clothes for a short trip.


Many people have found it very nice to carry whether it is by using the shoulder strap or handles, and because of the softness, there are no hard corners which can hit against your leg and result in painful.

Fortunately, the size of this bag isn’t colossal as it will fit most of the major airplane’s overhead bin. As with every leather bags, some upkeep is necessary to make sure the bag keeps its superior quality. Leather conditioner can also be used from time to time to protect the leather.

Not only the design of this Crazy Horse Leather Travel Duffle Bag shows top quality and style, but also durability and sturdiness. The elegant style is ideal for professional people since it enables you to complete the smart looks.

It works extremely well for daily use, for work as well as short business trips. The leather materials used will guarantee the bag will age nicely and have longevity so that it will be worth the money.