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David King Extra Large Multi Pocket Duffle Bag

David King Extra Large Multi Pocket Duffle Bag Review

David King Extra Large Multi-Pocket Duffle bag is one of the best selling leather bags on the market, it features fabric lining in primary compartment lining, zippered clamshell opening, double zippered side compartments, silver-tone feet, high-quality top handles and removable cross-body strap with padded shoulder.

Quality of the Leather

This duffle bag was made by Vacqueta leather in Colombia, which means the quality is top-notch. Most of the customers are happy with the quality and surprised that the surface is very smooth and soft. As you can see from the product name, this is the largest leather duffle on the market at this price, large enough to carry extra shoes. However, the bag could be pretty heavy when fully loaded.

Design of the Bag

Zipper slides without any problems and the tabs make a perfect size and comfortable to hold. However, the shoulder strap does not attach with buckles, but instead with hooks and loops, it would slip off your shoulder easily.

Also, it is very easy to untwist when carrying, but I prefer this because it helps to make it dispense easily with the shoulder strap since I don’t need it most of the time.

The bag also comes with five metal rounded feet at the base, as a way to give it a little lift and protect against dirt and scratch when laid on the ground.

Weigh of the Bag

This bag is not created to stand up entirely by itself, except if it is filled with many items. On the inside, it is completely lined, but there is no solid cardboard in the middle of the leather and lining. Therefore, when it is unfilled, it collapses by itself.

I believe this is one of the several factors that accounts for its light weight. It doesn’t trouble me since it saves space while not in use, and more important it will not add more weight when the bag is fully loaded.

Finally, this bag definitely will pass the flight hand-carry regulation; I ‘ve had it in the overhead bin without stretching the bags in business class on Virgin America.