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Floto Luggage Venezia Grande Duffle Bag

Floto Luggage Venezia Grande Duffle Bag Review

This classic and stylish Floto Luggage Venezia Grande Duffle Bag can load up twice as much as the other travel bag. To create a timeless duffel which will never become obsolete, it comes with high-quality brass hardware, khaki stitching, and Vecchio brown calfskin leather.

There is a floor-to-floor zipper to make convenient and straightforward for packing. Your clothing always unpacks smelling fresh because the internal is lined with sturdy denim and cotton. This bag also comes with an internal zip pocket for keeping your accessories such as wallet, passport, etc.

Additionally, it is handcrafted in Tuscany by using calfskin leather from Italy; It is an old school, traditional methods you will rarely see out there and will not found in mass-produced leather bag manufacturers, this is the reason it is a sturdy yet soft leather bag with top quality and durability.

  • High-quality Italian calfskin leather
  • Canvas lining and brass hardware
  • Easily-removed shoulder strap
  • Made in Tuscany, Italy
  • 13 x 14 x 22 inches
  • Lifetime warranty

As you can see from the image above, it is an excellent and elegant duffle bag; this is the reason I give it a high rating for its design, style, and quality, as well as the good customer service.

This bag is easy to hold anything I required for my long business trips. I packed my stuff by using bundle-packing method; it will work well with the standard folding method but I never try it.

The only downside is it is not a good carry-on travel bag; the weight might over the standard carry-on regulation if you packed too many stuff. Therefore, it is advised that not to overstuff this leather bag even though it is “grande”.

By doing so, your travel bag can be squeezed into the overhead compartment of the airplane. It is suggested to check the carry-on regulation with the airline customer service. Sadly to say that you have to check your bag at the counter if it doesn’t comply with the airline carry-on regulations.

However, with the stylish and gorgeous look of the bag, you can quickly find it on the luggage carousel which is full of dull nylon wheel travel bags, this also can be considered a great function of this classy and beautiful leather bag.