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Floto Luggage Venezia Duffle Bag

Floto Luggage Venezia Duffle Bag Review

This classic and stylish Floto Luggage Venezia Duffle Bag available in Vecchio brown, honey brown, black and red color with khaki stitching, as well as linen canvas with leather upholstery.

The bag fit perfectly into a flights overhead bin and also the floor-to-floor zipper helps make putting your stuff simple and easy. Interior of the bag is made with 100% cotton and denim, which means that your clothes will have the unpack smelling fresh. Additionally, it comes with an interior zip pocket for keeping your accessories or passport.

This venezia Duffle is hand-crafted in west central Italy by using Italian polished calf-skin leather and old school craft techniques. The outcome is a durable yet soft leather duffle bag with high quality which you won’t seen in mass produced leather bags.

  • 100% calfskin leather made in Italy
  • Strengthened handles on top
  • Easily-removed and modifiable shoulder strap
  • Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 21

Quality of the Bag

I have been searching for an Italian leather duffle bag for quite a while; then I found this gorgeous Floto bag on the internet.

In the beginning, I was reluctant to purchase it since I was positive that with this selling price, the leather bag would have to be low quality and could not last more than a year.

Nevertheless, I was interested as there are many positive reviews from the buyers on the web. Therefore, I decided to give it a try and make a purchase.

I received a small box that contains the bag, but I was feeling rather strangely as for an item of such dimensions. And then I found the squashed bag covered with a non-reusable plastic bag.

After taking out the duffle bag from the plastic bag, I noticed there is a small company tag, which described that any folds caused by the packaging procedure will fade away, as soon as the bag used at the first time. After two days, the folds have been completely disappeared as promised.

Design of the Bag

This Floto Luggage Venezia Duffle Bag adheres to the style of classic Italian clam shell design, and it has a zipper which splits the bag into two sections lengthwise.

It is bigger than I had imagined, that is an advantage. The interior has a stylish printed canvas which will certainly stand up to several years of use.

The leather comes with a lightweight feel that I had thought, but still looks to be sturdy enough to face up to some abuses.

The finish is wax-like but sleek and the shades consistent throughout. The leather handles and brass hardwares seem to be well connected and durable.

Just one problem in craftsmanship which I noticed was at the stitches on one side of the bag; It is what looks to be an errant shaded or tainted thread, which makes it appear like they had overlooked a stitch while in fact they hadn’t.

In the end, this does not worry me since I totally expect to see the bag get bruised and make a good patina within a few years of usage.

In addition to the above-mentioned blemish, the one thing which might be troublesome for some people is the strong tanning off-gases, which the leather bag produces when you initially unbox it from the plastic bag. Before I received the bag, I read from a few of the other users and admittedly though they were merely making much ado about nothing, but I found myself incorrect eventually.

The off-gases are quite strong and needed the bag to stay for several days on the outdoor to become bearable. Thankfully, after it had been thoroughly aired out, the bag was alright.

I only point out this because you will certainly need to air the bag for several days and able to calculate the extra waiting period before you can use if you expect to use the bag right after getting it at first.


I purchased this bag about a years ago, and have been satisfied with it. It’s excellent, and the leather is superb quality. The interior is well-designed and the striped canvas is a great extra detail.

Never purchase the bag with the expectation which you should be able to carry it right away, with enabling it several days to air out.

Overall, I am satisfied with my leather bag and find that I made a smart investment, I love how wonderful the bag appears to be. Honestly, I have purchased another bag from Floto recently, which I never had issues with.

They provide a lifetime warranty and I have had excellent experiences with regards to their customer support. Therefore, I absolutely recommend this gorgeous leather bag.