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It is recognized by most of the people that Italian leather bag is made from the best leather; it is because of its good quality. It required a lot more attention and care to make Italian leather pieces than all other leather across the world, and merely the very finest quality hides are chosen.

Manufacturers in Italy just use natural and organic plant and vegetable extractions to make hides into Italian leather. It isn’t made in huge amounts, and the procedure takes a lot longer than it would create more economical alternatives!

If you would like to know more about Italian leather, or would like to buy an Italian leather product, but you are uncertain if you should, we make an effort to provide you with some important knowledge below.

It is all regarding why Italian leather is the highest quality, and the good reasons to make that investment, plus some suggestions in regards to what to take a look before you spend money.

a high quality italy leather bag

Five Reasons You Should Buy Italian Leather Bag

  • High quality, this is the primary reason, the workmanship which goes into creating an Italian leather bag is of the most excellent standard.
  • It is created to last, much more than all other leather; Italian leather is incredibly sturdy. It can stand up to the tear and wear of daily use, most scrapes or scratches can easily be removed. If durable is the thing that you are searching for, ensure you find leather products which feature a lifetime guarantee.
  • It is one of a kind, especially the vegetable tanned leather, don’t misunderstand the marks from hides, they are natural and provide the leather a special and antique appearance, not every leather is the same.
  • It is a never-outdated fashion. Italian leather is usually found in the most esteemed fashion catwalks; it is one of an imperative material in the fashion industry.
  • It’s easy to take care of. Are you tired of always cleaning your leather bags? You don’t have to worry about these problems with Italian leather, plus it will age wonderfully getting a distinctive appearance. You can clean the leather if you like, but it is certainly not required.

There are several kinds of leather on the market; full grain, patent, chrome and vegetable tanned, etc. It might be frustrating while looking to purchase a leather bag if you are unclear about what every one of them stands for.

Although Italian leather is the highest quality leather, you will find sub-categories to it too, some kinds of Italian leather can be better than others, and here we try to explain what they are:

Full Grain Leather

It comes from the thick top area of the hide. This kind of leather hasn’t been corrected or sanded to take away natural marks from the leather. Additionally, it is extremely sturdy, definitely the most sturdy kind of Italian leather on the market.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

It is leather which has not been chemical-dyed. It uses natural and organic methods of coloring the leather, for example, tannin, tree bark or some other natural methods. Vegetable tanned leather is particularly great for people who suffer from the common chrome allergy. It requires much longer to create than chrome tanning, but it provides a far better quality. It’s tougher and can last much longer, plus it is water-resistant.

Top Grain Leather

It is next to the highest quality of leather; you will like it since it is thinner which means lighter in weight. It is usually more resistant to stains than another type of leather, and more important, it is more affordable. Therefore, this kind of leather is commonly used for purses and wallets.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy Italian Leather Bag

So now you believe that Italian leather is the best choice and would like to purchase it, but you should ensure that you have read through the rest of the post before you spend money.

Since Italian leather is the highest quality, it isn’t unusual that poor quality or faux leather that sold by other people, hence we have some important guidelines to help you avoid this problem.

One suggestion before getting started: check out the certificate label, this is the simplest ways to see if your preferred leather bag is good quality.

Aroma & Touch

Grab the leather bag to check it further. High-quality leather has a very pleasant smell. If you can’t smell anything at all, it could be a faux leather. In the same way, if there is a chemicals odor or smells rotten. It is the sign of low-quality Italian leather.

Good quality leather should feel rather gentle and smooth to touch, try to bend and pull it, ensure that there aren’t any signs which the leather will probably crack, split or stretch.

Likewise, the color shouldn’t be altered while the leather is bent. Additionally, as a result of thickness, a good quality leather should feel pretty hefty.

Selling Price

Try to avoid low-priced products. The sales price is a one of the best indicators of leather quality. It doesn’t always mean famous brands, try to find other less-known leather manufacturers, although the selling price will be high, it won’t as expensive as a luxurious designer bag.

Don’t buy a leather bag that you think is good quality at an extremely low price; that is for sure a poor quality or faux leather. Although a high-quality leather bag is quite expensive, in the long run, you will save a lot of money as you don’t need to buy a new bag frequently.

Quality Inspection

First, take a close look at the stitching, is it uneven? Can you notice some loosely fitted? And then check if there are any natural marks on the hide, as mentioned above, don’t misunderstanding these for imperfections; they normally are a great sign of high-quality leather.

If the seller is going to spend money on fine leather, they will ensure the fittings are excellent standard. Finally, check the zips, buckles, compartments as well as any other details.


Does your leather bag has a guarantee? An excellent leather bag must have at least two-year warranty. You can ask the store assistant about how long the bag can last, If they have no idea, don’t purchase it. If you buy a leather bag that comes with a longer guarantee, it is for sure worth the money.