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Komal's Passion Leather Weekend Duffle Bag

Komal’s Passion Leather Weekend Duffle Bag Review

Komal’s Passion Leather Weekend Duffle Bag is made from 100% high-quality leather with sturdy canvas lining with the famous YKK zippers. It is an authentic handcrafted product created from non-chemical and dye-free leather.

It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and large primary storage compartments for your clothes or sports equipment etc. Additionally, there are two side pockets to put your accessories and front pocket for your wallet or cell phone.

You can use the bag for many purposes, such as traveling, have a picnic, go to the fitness center, etc. Large enough to carry your weekend clothes and accessories.

Quality of the Bag

My wife purchased this Komal’s Passion Leather Weekend Duffle Bag for me as a birthday gift. It has companied me for several short trips, no signs of wear and tear until now.

The side compartments are quite useful, even though they attach like a belt. Therefore, I still find it more beneficial to keep items inside. There is a small laundry bag, but it was fraying at the corners after one or two wash, that is why I removed it.

The shoulder pad along with a little leather loop are attached and designed to hold the tongue flush from the strap. However, I noticed that they are too loose to hold the tongue efficiently. Therefore, it always came undone when traveling.


Komal’s Passion Leather Weekend Duffle Bag is the ideal size as being a carry-on bag on the airplane however only to have a short trip. In case you push the edges together, it is possible to squeeze quite a bit in there, but nonetheless, there are not enough for a long trip.

Additionally, the zipper for the primary compartment is good quality, as well as the compact zipper pocket that is part of the interior wall of the primary compartment.

It is very useful for adding small stuff you would like, securely stowed away and never to go missing in the primary compartment, for example, your house key at the time you travel.

Regardless, it is a gorgeous bag with excellent quality leather, it has aged nicely, even just in 8 weeks I have had it. It has become softer as time passes and it forms around the articles.