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Piel Leather Duffel Bag

Piel Leather Duffel Bag Review

This Piel Leather Duffel Bag with Pockets is another leather bag that I am proud to carry when traveling. I believe you can purchase a higher-quality bag, but this one is just excellent and affordable.

If you are interested in traditional brown leather color, then the chocolate version will be suitable for you. As you can see from the product image above, it has the excellent color of tan.

The leather is supple and good quality, and the aroma is quite nice too. There are high-quality zippers and more important is there are more than enough pockets for all your stuff.

Additionally, you can easily squeeze the bag into the overhead bins even if space is crowded.

This bag is excellent, and I recommend it to anybody who are looking for the duffel bag with a lot of pockets.

Advantages & Disavantages

The bag is well made and durable, the stitching looks tight, you will never be upset with that.

To be honest, what I discovered on my bag was that one part of leather on top of the bag, at the opening was significantly thinner and looked like lower quality compared to the remaining part of the bag.

Although it is not a very significant flaw, it’s still a flaw worth to bring out. I never plan to return the bag to the seller, because it is only detectable if you really take a close look at the bag.

Frankly, I believe that the user are happy with this bag, since it’s really attractive and more important it is very functional.

It is big enough to put a light jacket, two shirts, two pairs of slacks, underwears and socks to the primary pocket. Side pockets are quite spacious too; you can simply load up for a week trip.

When I go to the airport, I like to carry the bag to the airplane. Although it is durable, the leather might be damaged or have a few scratch if I check the bag in. I will cry if I saw my duffel bag came back with scars on the conveyor belts.