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Saddleback Leather Medium Waterbag

Saddleback Leather Medium Waterbag Review

Saddleback Leather Medium Waterbag is created by using only one piece of full-grain leather, which becomes a big bag with merely two seams. It can be rolled up and sealed, or loaded to max capacity and carried openly. Also, it can be closed with just one or three straps.

You can stick tripods and long tubes with it even as it is closed. You will find a built-in and an extra detachable handle, so you’re able to carry it in a different way according to the situation.

It also has low and high positions for the shoulder strap depending on how full it is. It includes a tall and short rigid insert if you would like to make use of them.

This leather water bag is the thing that comes about when a gifted man spends three years on perfecting baggages. This leather bag is covered under a 100-year warranty, simply because of natural oils shade are vastly different.

  • Made from just one huge piece of high-quality full-grain thicker boot leather
  • Created to fit in the overhead bin of almost all airplanes
  • Built without any fragile parts like zippers and snaps
  • Covered under 100 Year Warranty
  • Dimension: 20″ x 9″ x 18″

Quality of the Bag

Just can’t show you how many compliments the bag received when my friends and family saw it, the premium quality and styles caught their eyes. It truly isn’t words for that remarkable design and durability which Saddleback provides.

Capacity and Weight

This bag is perfect for a short to medium length vacation. Recently I took a vacation to Japan, and I could fit two pairs of jeans and shorts, shoes, six pairs of socks, boxers and t-shirts, and still had some space left.

You can carry it in several different ways such as a backpack, tote and handle mode, etc. You can change to backpack mode when you at the airport, it is so convenient. However, if you are going to carry the bag over your shoulder, your shoulder and neck might be sore.


Given that it is going to be a bag for a lifetime, but it will surely get better while it gets more use, and it comes with a 100-year warranty, the worried of cost or pain of the purchase will disappear forever.